Blackstock’s Battlefield site

Monument Hill at Blackstock's
A winding sideroad leads to Blackstock’s battlefield.  Col. Brandon was here.  Perhaps Moseley and Foster too.  On the path in from the parking area one walks through some dense forrest.  I caught site of the red tail of a fox trotting on up ahead.  Then a lizard scampered across my path.  The air was full of exotic bird songs.  I fully expected a talking bear to happen along.  It struck me like a scene from Song of the South and “Zippity-Do-Dah” was stuck in my head for an hour afterward.

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  1. William Blackstock says:

    Just for fun, who was the Blackstock the battle-field was named after?
    Any information about the site? I am curious as you can see by the name at the top.


  2. Greg says:

    Hello, thanks for asking. As I recall from the visit to the area, the battle was named after the owner of the land it happened on. Perhaps others can confirm?

  3. JIm says:

    The battle occurred on the Blackstock Plantation. This was a good sized battle and not very well known in the history books. It was the British forces of Banastre Tarleton against the American troops of Thomas Sumter. The Americans got the best of them, but British reinforcements were rumored to be on the way and Sumter was wounded, so they withdrew.

  4. Hosting says:

    The battlefield is on protected public property, but is accessible by vehicle. On site there is an information kiosk, small parking area, battle monument and a spur of the Palmetto Trail along the Tyger River.

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