Farewell to the homesteads


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    My last visit out to Grindal Shoals proved I have become rather attached to these places.  It was hard to want to leave.

    I took videos to really capture a sense of the lay of the land and the sounds but they are too large to post here.  They will be edited down and posted once I am home.

    Speaking of home, that journey happens tomorrow.  I will go to the spartanburg Library tomorrow morning and Brad Steineke is going to show me his Moseley research. 

    Then about noon I will be finding a car wash to vacuum out the car (muddy boots in and out), then it will be time to find the car return location near the airport and get ready to wing my way north.

    The trip north will take me about eight hours.  It took my Fosters three generations.

    I am looking forward to home and connecting with everyone there.  I am heartbroken about leaving this place.  It has been magical to travel back and find hints and shadows and evidence of amazing lives lived in remarkable historic times.

    Everything so far has gone so perfectly I feel grateful and satisfied.  Certainly seems to me that another visit needs to be in the works soon.  And this time there are other Fosters that I hope can come and see what is still here to be found.

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    1. Glenda says:

      Sounds like you had a fruitful and memorable time. Have a safe journey home.

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