Old Union Cemetery, Union South Carolina


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    Here rest many of the founding families of Union County SC.  Included here is the Brandon family including Colonel Thomas Brandon, whose brigade James Moseley and John Foster served during the Revolution.

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    1. J. Walker says:

      Where exactly in Union County is this cemetery located? I am not familiar at all with the South Carolina area and I am wanting to visit the area in the near future but have not been able to find the exact location of this cemetery online. Thank you!

    2. Timothy Ochiltree says:

      I think the cemetery is now called Forest Lawn Cemetery . It is the old Presbyterian cemetery, it is located just north of main street in front of The Union Oil Mill ( Union Feed and Seed )

    3. Greg says:

      My apologies for my tardy reply.
      It is actually quite tricky to find. From memory, travelling east on E. Main Street out of Union toward Monarch Mills, there is a historic road marker on the south side of the street for the Old Union Church. Directly near there is an alley that appears to goesouthward to no where in particular. It leads to the gates to the Old Union Cemetery.

      I will be returning in October and will pay more close attention and describe more exact directions. Or perhaps you have found it already?

    4. Darren says:

      The Old Union Church Cemetery is off HWY 49 on Paula Circle in Monarch, SC. The road is on the right about .5mi past Monarch Mill/ Grace UMC intersection.

      If I’m not mistaken, there is a British Soldier buried there. This grave should be pretty easy to find, as he buried backwards.

    5. Amanda O'Dell says:

      I grew up in the house right in front of it. Paula circle is my grandmother’s driveway. Her & my Dad live there now. I’all have to go look again for that soldier. I pretty much stayed in the backyard or the cemetery my whole childhood.

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