Grindal Shoals Union Co. SC John Foster lands

Yesterday afternoon I revisited the Foster, Jasper and Moseley properties.  This time I was on my own and had all the time I needed to sped with these places.

Long pants on, pantlegs tucked inside socks and all layers of skin and clothes covered in bug repellent, I strolled the land John Foster bought from Nicholas Jasper when he came to Union District to begin his family.  I walked it from the road down to Sandy Run.

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  1. Jim Dupree says:

    I am trying to identify the land for John Dupree, my ancestor. He lived as a neighbor on land inherited by James, John Fostres son. In this deed(below) I am not sure of the reference to John Foster Hendley. I was hoping you could help.
    If you have a map showing John Fosters land, I would able to at least get close to identifying John Dupree’s property, He lived next to James Foster, and on the edge of the Pacolet River. (I assume both of their properties were on the south edge of the river.

    Union County, SC Deeds Abstracts Volume 3

    L. 157-158 Mason Walker of Union District for $220 to John Dupree of same, tract on north side of Howards Spring branch at James Foster’s corner, John Cud’s line, John foster Hendleys line, 130 acres, dated 1 Dec 1803. Mason Walker (Seal), Wit: Lem B. Askew, William Smith. Proved by the oath of William Smith 26 April 1804 before J.F. Handley, J.P. Recorded 4 April 1812

    With thanks
    Jim Dupree

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