Bleeding Kansas. Jasper and Lawrence Co,. Missouri.

Inscription on Frederick Foster's headstone

Jarrett Foster was granted land in Jasper Co. Missouri for his service with the Tennessee Volunteers in Florida.  Brother Frederick arrived in nearby Lawrence Co. and lived out the end of his life there.  It was not in peace as border troubles erupted in prelude to the national crisis that became the Civil War.  Frederick’s sons and sons in-law aligned with the Confederate Missouri Home Guards in keeping with their southern roots and in harmony with their kin back in South Carolina where cousins served the 5th and 18th South Carolina Infantry.   Meanwhile  Jarrett’s son Andrew J., now a farmer in Marmaton Kansas enlisted for the cause of Union in the 2nd Kansas Battery of Light Artillery.

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  1. Marilyn Rich says:

    It’s so wonderful to see others interested in the Foster family. I descend from Frederick Foster through his daughter Syntha R. Foster who married Charles Seely on 15 Oct 1845 in Lawrence County, MO. Charles and Syntha Seely moved from Missouri and lived in Benton County, AR. I would like to share information.

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