1790 U.S. Census – Union County SC

1790 U.S. Federal Census - Union County South Carolina

John FosterJasper FamilyGrindal Shoals, Union County SC
Moseley Family
Hames Family
McWhirter Family
Fowler Family
Maybry Family
Stribling Faily

The information under the column headings also tell us a little bit more about the John Foster family at this point.

Free while males 16 years and upward, including heads of families: 1
Free while males under 16 years: 3  (most genealogies show 4 of Johns sons born before 1790 – someone is evidently younger).
Free while females, including heads of families: 6  (Six?  Mary, Nancy and four other unknown females)
All other persons: 0
Slaves: 0



To get a sense of just how virgin the area and the country were at that time, here are the totals the 1790 census revealed:

  Union County South Carolina United States
Free white males 16+ 1,500 35,576 807,094
Free white males <16 1,809 37,722 791,850
Free white females 3,121 66,880 1,541,263
Others 48 1,801 59,150
Slaves 1215 107,094 694,280
TOTAL 7,693 249,073 3,893,635

Just for modern comparison, today the population of South Carolina is 4.8 million, that’s a million more than the population of the entire United States in 1790. The city of Edmonton is nearly 3x more populous today than all of South Carolina was in 1790.  The 1790 population of Union County (which also included what is now Cherokee County) would roughly match that of the city of Union today.

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