1795 Purchase from Nicolas Jasper

Jasper to Foster at Grindal Shoals1795Grindal Shoals, Union County SC
Family Involved or Mentioned
John Foster
Nicholas Jasper

A memorandum of a bargain and agreement made between Nicholas Jasper of the state of Kentucky of the one part and John Foster of the state of South Carolina and Union County of the other part that is to say the said Jasper hath bargained and sold unto the said Foster a certain tract or parcel of land in Union County on Pacolate River containing two hundred and ninety three acres by Estimation.  The same more or less begins as follows at a pine knot corner belonging to John Jasper Sr. thence to Charles Hames Sr. thence with said line to Nicoholas Jaspers corner on the river thence to a hickory corner thence to a pine corner thence to Jasper Seniors corner at the river thence with said line to a poplar standing in the branch above said Jasper Seniors house. Thnce to a post oak thence to the said pine knot corner.  he the said John Foster covenants and agrees to pay five hundred dollars on the tenth of March which shall be in the year one thousand eight hundred and he the said Nicholas Jasper covenants and agrees to make a good and sufficient right and title in fee simple of the above land when the above dollars is paid to him the said Jasper by him the aforesaid John Foster or his heirs.  We do hereby acknowledge this to be our bargain and agreement this twelfth day of November 1795.

John Foster
Nicholas Jasper


George Foster
Nathaniel Dabbs

South Carolina Union District
Personally appeared George Foster before me one of the Justices for said district and made oath that he saw John Foster and Nicholas Jasper sign the within memorandum and that himself and Nath’l Dabbs in the presence of each other witnessed the execution there of sworn & subscribed to before me this 6 of Dec. 1805

Wm Johnson J.P.
George Foster
Recordeded Deceber the 6th 1805


While clearly still on the Pacolet River, and not far from his first parcel of land there is no mention of Sandy Run. What there is however is clear indication that the land is selected for its close proximity to family – adjoining lands belong to John Jasper Sr. and Charles Hames Sr. providing familial access to daughter Nancy and her in-laws the Hames’, but also contact with the Jasper family into whom Mary Foster’s sister Susannah “Sukey” MacElfresh had married back in Maryland.

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