1802 John Foster loan from Maybry

1802 Loan from Mabry

John Foster 1802 loan1802Grindal Shoals, Union County SC
John Foster
James MaybryJames Mosley
Transcription / Narrative

Know all men by these presents that I John Foster of Union District and State of South Carolina am held and firmly bound unto James Maybry in the sum of $1200 to be paid to the said James Maybry his certain attorney, exectutors, administrators or assigns to which payments well and truly to be made.  I bind myself, my heirs, executors and administrators jointly and severally sealed with my seal and dated this 16th of December 1802.  The condition of the above obligations is such that if the above John Foster shall and doth on or before 25th December 1803 well and truly make or cause to be made to the said James Maybry a good and lawful right and title to a certain tract of land containing 200 acres more or less located on both sides of Sandy Run beginning at a white oak on the north side of Rocky Branch of said run thense N(orth) 180 poles to a hickory west 180 poles asside said run to a white oak thense 180 poles to a hickory then S(outh(?)) 180 poles to the beginning then this obligation to be void and of non effect.  Otherwise to remain in full force of ___ and virtue.

Jesse Maybbry, John Long, James Mosley

John Foster (Seal)

Recorded 23 Aug 1805


It is not known if kinsman Nicholas Jasper received his full re-payment under the terms by which he sold 200 acres on Sandy Run to John Foster.  If he did, perhaps it was thanks in large part to this 1802 loan from another kinsman  James Maybry.  Maybry forwarded the princely sum of $1200 to John Foster, accepting John Foster’s original parcel of land as collateral.  It was enough to satisfy the debt incurred to Nicholas Jasper on the purchase of the new farm and cover supplies and equipment for a crop, I speculate.


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