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Name: Donnie Foster

Nice site, I have just gotten back into the family history again. I had medical issues that hurt my abilities, but I am almost human again. Hope you are doing great
God Bless you and yours
Donald “Donnie” Foster Sr.

Name: Timothy A. Foster

I was surfing the web looking at Yahoo’s search for Tim Foster and saw this. Thought I would drop by.

Name: Brad Steinecke

Enjoyed browsing your website! I was glad to get to meet you during your visit to SC and thrilled that you got to see some of the old family stomping grounds!

Best of luck. Stay in touch!


Name: Kathy (Mary Kathleen) Dillon Callahan

Francis Marion Foster’s second wife, Mary A. Fox, is the sister of my great-grandfather, Benjamin Douglas Fox.

Name: Gael Entrikin

I love the site, still have lots of questions, and hope you get Syntha in there!

From: (Currently) Minnesota

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