1872: Marriage License – Andrew J. Foster and Amanela Chester

Source:  Ancestry.com

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State of Kansas
County of Montgomery

Office of the Probate Judge of the said County:

Be it remembered, that on the __day __of A.D. 18__, there was issued from the office of said Probate Judge, a Marriage License of which the following is a true copy:

Marriage License
Montgomery County, State of Kansas:
February 12, 1872

To any person authorized by law to perform the marriage ceremony. Greeting:

You are hereby authorized to join in marriage Andrew J. Foster of Parker Township, aged 29 years and Amanela of _____, aged 22 years, and of this license you will make due return to my office within thirty days.
J. H. Watkins  Probate Judge.

And which said marriage license was afterwards, to wit, on the 4 day of March, A.D. 1872, returned to said Probate Judge, with the following certificate enclosed thereon, to wit: