Discoveries About the Life & Times of…
Lawrence Foster

The first in my line of Fosters to complete life’s journey very near where it began.

This will likely be the most subjective, least well documented page on the site.  Because I know no set of documents can accurately capture the man I knew as Dad.

Maybe that is the reason I have actually gathered the fewest documents for him compared to any others in the trunk of this Foster line.

Born October 13, 1914 in the farm house his father and uncles built, with his mother and older sister Bernice.  Brothers Maxwell and Donald would follow later, Dad described his earliest recollections of clearing land.  Pulling stumps with his father’s team of horses.

I have no good pictures of the house Dad was born in nor of the farm yard – but I do have glimpses here and there.  One of them shows Grapdpa Foster (Cloyd’s team of Percheron horses.  I remember them too.

Pic of house that links to Album of photos showing the house/yard/land Dad grew up on.

TPics around the family farm.

I hockey puck


trapping receipt



JPics as a young man


Wedding pic

ILawrence and little Dale

ILittle dale and marilyn picture album

Tpics of the old and new stores.

Link to Fosters General Store.
Link to Manola

TLoss of Marilyn

TVisiting Family and Friends

TFishing trip pic

TRetirement with mom/ travel/square dancing

THouse in Edmonton


TModel T

TLoss of mom


TDads Passing  Card from his funeral.

TDads Headstone at Manola