Greg Foster, 2007

Photo by Robert Ivey who guided me to the spot great great grandfather James Moseley's headstone stands alone in the Jasper Family graveyard.

Dorothy Margaret Foster (Nee Tarplee)

A pioneer in Canada, she arrived with her family from Erdington England in 1905.
A gifted storyteller and writer, I absorbed an appreciation for what it took to make a life at the northern edge of the Prairies.
Grandma Foster is why I had a 

Dale Foster

My brother.  Sixteen years my elder, we have lived very different lives, when he was little our parents were beginning and building their business, I was there as it reached its zenith and as our parents retired.  
An interest in the search for our elusive Foster roots has brought us together in ways I am glad for.

My personal family tree.
These are MyFosters.