Andrew J. Foster Letter to Son Cloyd: 1915 September 5

Source: D. Margaret Foster Collection

State Soldiers Home, Orting Washington
September 5th 1915.

Hello Cloyd, say dear boy, I received your dear letter August 25 ’15 stating you had ordered through the Canadian Bank of Commerce Bank at Edmonton, a draft to me for $60.  I received it the morning of the 3rd .  Last evening being the 4th brought me the same draft which I truly thank you for the same.  It came in just right.  It helped me over the tightest place I had been in for…

Source: D. Margaret Foster Collection

… some time.  I do hope you will be able to move on without being cramped by doing me the kind favor.  You can rest assured if I can do any of my children a favor, I am more than willing to do it.  I am going out to my place, by Roy.  Will start, or aim to, the morning of the 7th without I sell.  I will be there off and on.  Will return to the Home once a month to attend roll call.  Say Cloyd, I am sorry you feel as you do towards Duke and Minnie.  I do wish myself that…

Source: D. Margaret Foster Collection


… Duke would stand more on his own judgment.  I am sure it would have been much better for them if they had stayed on my place as I wanted them to but minnie would not hear of it.  The money they had and what I had over what it took to pay for the place we could have bought 6 good young milk cows at $40 per head.

could have bought ___ brood sows – could feed them with skim milk and crushed wheat.  They might have been living at their ease now.

But Cloyd, we all make mistakes.  Minnie is Dules wife.  He loves her and when you light her …

Source: D. Margaret Foster Collection


you hurt and give pain to a good brothers heart.  Rembember Cloyd, that Duke is clear down and is much troubled over it and if his brothers and friends don’t stay with him, see where he is, don’t drop your brother on account of his wife or even if he acts foolish in many ways, council with him in a kind way and try and hold him up.  If you would tell him ou had no use for his wife, can’t you see how he would feel Cloyd.  I want you boys to be true brother, stand for one another.  I may never…

Source: D. Margaret Foster Collection


see you boy.  But my heart pleads with the great spirit of Love and wisdom may rest and abide.  I guide you all and your dear old mother too.  And it much depends on your selves too.  Cloyd, I think you have the brain to raise yourself among men.  You may get there by treating all right.  If you can prepare yourself and become fitted for the place, it will find you.

This is all for now but love to all.

As ever your father,
A.J. Foster

Say, the papers I spoke of is in my trunk over on the France.  Will send them later.  A.J.F.