Andrew J. Foster Pension Applications: 1917 Letter to Pensions Bureau

Source:  National Archives, Washington D.C.

Commissioner of Pensions

Dear Sir,
As I have stated in my affidavit, in summer of 1860 I lived with my parents and younger brother in Jasper Co. Missouri. Father and mother were old and hated to leave the old home so we stayed too long. As you know, south Missouri was overrun with rebel army. The bushwackers robbed us of all stock but 1-3 year old yoke calves so we had to stay ’til the Feds come a rush from Kansas. We threw what things we had in a wagon I had patched up, hitched steers and went to Marmaton City Kansas. In 1862 19th day (of August), I enlisted. My brother F.M. drove a bull team across the plains for ____

Brother D. G. served in the Mexican war. And through the Rebellion. I think in Brownlow’s Regiment.

Yours true
Andrew J. Foster