1964: Letter of Ewell Foster to Melvyn

Source:  Elton Foster via Lawrence & Jean Foster Collection

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7089 Royal Oak Ave. South Burnaby B.C.
March 4, 1964

This is in regards to my mother Mrs. H.C. Foster your grandmother, the wife of A.J. Foster your grandfather.  Her name was Hanna Catherine Morgan before she was married.
She was born Jan. 2nd 1854 in the state of Indiana.  She had four sisters, Jane, Mary, Dora, Ella.  They all were married and had families.  Grandpa Morgan and Grandma and their family lived in the State of Missouri for some years, I don’t know where they were born or when they left there and came to Eastern Oregon and got a farm there.  My father had a place not far from their place.  We were there a few years.  My father had a big heavy team of horses and a covered wagon which my mother drove from Oregon to Seattle, Washington with all of us kids.  There was nine covered wagons all in a string.  My father had gone on ahead to Seattle by train.  He met us there.  We lived in Seattle for a while then moved to North Bend.  He sold the team to the Snoqualmie Hops Ranch which was three miles from North Bend.  There was twelve hundred acres in hops there and employed 500 to six hundred hops pickers and paid $1.00 per box.  One had to keep moving to pick two boxes a day.  My mother done lots of cooking – hotels, short order, all kinds.  She was an expert on cooking.  She never weighed over 109 pounds.  Where she got her strength I’ll never know.  In my mother’s & father’s family five boys, one girl Vida Foster.  I don’t think you ever met her.  I have a snap picture of her I’ll enclose.  After she was married there was eight all together in our family.  Just two left Cloyd of Alberta and myself.  Mel, I’ll close for now and good night.

Love to all from Dad
Write when you can.
P.s. anything you would like to know, let me know.