2014 South Carolina

Spartanburg South Carolina

Limestone Springs, Cherokee Co. South Carolina – site of Hannah’s Cow Pens

 Cherokee Co – El Bethel Cemetery – with the Buzzards

Cherokee Co – Rehoboth Baptist Cemetery – with the Buzzards

The Henderson Property -with the Buzzards

Jerusalem Rd – Sims slave hut foundations with the Buzzards

Grindal Shoals – Tump Smith Rd – Jasper Cemetery

Grindal Shoals – Hames-Gault Cemetery with the Buzzards

Grindal Shoals from the logging road to the south with Brian

Grindal Shoals – Fernandis Cemetery

Grindal Shoals – Metal Detecting at James Moseley’s property with Brian

Grindal Shoals – Littlejohn-Rock Cemetery

Grindal Shoals – Mulberry Chapel

Grindal Shoals – Pacolet Bridge

Charleston – USS Yorktown

Charleston – Folly Beach