A look at the State Archives

The South Carolina Geneology Society Workshop took place at the State Archives.  Here are some pics of it.  The big document that one of the staff is holding up for me is the original of the Ordinance of Cessasion of the Confederate States of America (signed for South Carolina by J.S.Sims).  The room the original […]


Charleston is a jewel. I arrived and got out last night just as the sun was going down.  Market Street on a Saturday night is a through of visitors from all over the world and locals out for a good time.  The air stays warm all night long.  I was out until about midnight. It […]

Workshop Day 2

The internet at the Marriot in Columbia was not working this morning.  Day Two at the workshop was marvellous.  I took in a seminar on reading colonial and early statehood land plats.  Exciting!  Then I skipped the rest of the seminars and used the time to research and again, goldmines. I’ve got some pretty good […]

Workshop Day 1

Learned a lot about how archives are stored here in Columbia today.  The workshop is being held right at the South Carolina Archives and History Centre.  There was a presentation by Senator McDowell of SC on the restoration of the Hunley.  The Hunley was the first submarine ever.  It was a Civil War (!) underwater ship […]

The geneologist are waiting

We visited many Revolutionary War period spots in the area and several remote gravesites.  My feet have chigger bites but I only found one tick and it was before it could bite.  Lucky I think.  And no snakes.  Whew. There is more to post but the South Carolina Geneologists Society workshop begins in 40 minutes so […]

Grindal Shoals Union Co. SC James Moseley lands

Here we are visiting James Moseley’s place.  I had photographed this path off the road before because I thought it was the way into Moseley’s gravesite.  It was rather the way to his home.

Right next door on Jasper land

Jasper’s buried their family on their land.  Unfortunately floods have washed away the stones which were probably just unmarked field stones (Foster’s stones have the same fate sadly).  However James Moseley’s grave site must have been well known because a stone remains today.  He was buried on Jasper land with the Jasper family because , […]


Here is a picture I took of an area around Grindal Shoals the first day I got here.  I can’t explain wh I wanted a picture of the spot just where Tump Smoth road dumps out onto Bobby Faucette road up the hill from Sandy Run Creek (remember the pics I posted of Sandy Run earlier?  […]

Robert Ivey

After our pre-business hours tour of Cowpens we picked up John’s friend, and a fellow I had been corresponding with, Robert Ivey.  Robert is the absolute expert on the early settlers in these areas.  We visited many spots hidden away here and there that were significant in the Revolution.  We also visited some special residences […]


The morning began early at Cowpens.  My guide, John Robertson and I had the park to our selves (no John I did NOT see who opened that gate). Cowpens is the battle that is featured in the Mel Gibson movie The Patriot.  It is a masterpiece of strategy by General Daniel Morgan who managed to […]


Thursday was the day I had so hoped would happen but there was no guarantee. I confirmed and walked Foster land from the late 1700s.  And Moseley.  And Jasper.  Made it to Columbia in a rain storm last night in time to crash.  Will now begin to sort out the pictures and some of the […]

The Mother Load

From about 2pm to 5pm I was inside the Union County Courthouse. Not much for pictures to show BUT… …I hit the mother load of records and racked up $115 in photocopying fees. I have copies of land records and estate settlements that should help piece together most of the family that stayed here after Frederick […]

Flags outside City Hall

There was nothing to see at City Hall but I poked in to say hello.  On coming back out from the air conditioning into the noontime sun, the air was like a warm moist breath.  In the nearly cloudless blue sky the flags were flopping in the light breezes that originated on the Gulf of […]

Carnegie Library in Union

Ghosts at the Inn?

Visited at the Library in Union.  It has been recognized as the best small town library in America which is is quite an accomplishment.  Peggy my innkeeper at Merridun said I should say hello to the head librarian when I was there and so I did.  The first thing out of Director Nancy rosenwald’s mouth when […]


Now THIS is a place to enjoy breakfast.  More about the Inn at Merridun here:

A sign?

I debated as to whether or not to post this.  It was a moment that seemed meaningful at the time so yes I will post it. Back with the pictures of me at the Pacolet River there was a moment.  I was looking out off the bridge over the river.  Looking eastward toward Grindal Shoals […]


Peggy, my Innkeeper told me the vines that are seen growing up on the trees in many areas here is called Kudzu.  Its a Japanese vine that was introduced here to prevent soil erosion.  It LOVES it here.  It dies back in the winter which is good because through the summer it can grow as […]

Road to Blacksburg

The road to Blacksburg SC where I had a 2 p.m.  appointment with Dr. Bobby Moss is a 45 minute trek that passes right through Grindal Shoals.  Along the way both going and coming bck I took pictures of the passages over creeks where Fosters may have lived.  I also took several shots of the […]

Union County Museum

Here are some pictures of a FEW of the intresting items at the museum.  Sgt. William Jasper was James Moseley’s wife.  This link tells a little more about him.  Interestingly Fosters in MO live(d) in Jasper County. Civil war era artifacts found in the area.  According to Ola Jean Kelly, the Union area was occupied […]

Home to bed but what a day

Lots of pictures today even though it was mostly spent indoors.  Spent the first three hours at the Union County Museum.  Met Ola Jean Kelly an amazing woman who describes herself as a banker learning to be a historian.  Her energy and curiosity and genuine interest is a gift to all who visit I’m sure.  Great […]

Day Two

After a good sleep and a BIG breakfast, I think I will waddle down to the museum.

City of Union at dusk


Driving south


This statue outside the main terminal in Charlotte NC surprised me for a moment.  I hadn’t expected to see anything venerating English royalty here so near the heart of independence.  But in reality Charlotte is named after Queen Charlotte, just like the islands off the coast of BC and the capital of PEI.  In colonial […]


Got a great view of the skyline in the mist with the lake in the background while coming in for a very lumpy landing.  O’Hare Airport is big, as advertised.  It was a crush of people and humid.  I felt like a genealogical salmon swimming upstream against a flood of wildly diverse DNA to reach […]

Travelling back

Arrived without incident.  Luggage and car rental were all where I was promised they would be.  I am sat on a four post bed in the “Governor’s Chamber” at a place called the Inn at Merridun in Union South Carolina.  It is a former plantation mansion built in the 1850s.  Its an embarrassment of space for […]

What is this all about?

Welcome to !  I am Greg Foster of Edmonton, Alberta Canada and you have found my Foster family research blog.  I have been casually researching my mysterious line of Fosters since about 1994.  Recently, when the bug struck again, I realized that I have never put the facts I have found about these Fosters […]

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